I frequently re-build my portfolio in order to learn new techniques. It currently uses Nuxt (Vue), and Vercel. The Lighthouse score is 100 with no known accessibility errors. My preferred testing platform is Cypress.io.

I've built this site using Squido, Middleman, Next.js (React), Svelte, Riot.js, Angular, Polymer project, and Meteor.

I've integrated with dozens of different CMS like Netlify CMS, Wordpress, Ghost, Kirby, Sanity, Forestry, Prismic, Contentful, Strapi, and Dato.

I programmed websites before CSS existed and quickly learned & love vanilla CSS. I worked from scratch for over a decade, and am up to date with advanced modern CSS techniques. I have experience with frameworks like Tailwind, Bootstrap, Bulma, and others.

The site has been hosted on GitLab Pages, Netlify, Firebase, Bitbucket, VPS, and home-grown server hardware using Docker, TurnKey Core Linux, or Vagrant.