Natural language UX

Why is it important to use natural phrasing when creating a user experience?

Workflow templates

Make workflows efficient by asking questions before a project begins.

A-B testing framework

I created developer tools for testing conversion metrics.

Redesigning the first page people see on a website.

First impressions are important.

How do browsers render websites?

Watch this video to see how a web browser turns code into a website.

About me

Find out a bit more about Brandon M Lyon.

Registration funnels

What do people need to run a subscription website?

The door problem

Someone has to specify how a door works. It's not as obvious as you might think.

Marketing automation

I create bespoke landing pages, emails, and forms in Marketo.

Content management systems and blogs

I've implemented CMS based websites on a variety of platforms.

Event landing pages

Events have a lot going on and their webpages evolve quickly.

A software tester walks into a bar

What happens when a QA engineer is set up with a familiar joke?

Re-brand and re-build from scratch

How does one organize hundreds of thousands of lines of code?

Not just a frontend developer

What else can Brandon do?

My Twitter

Learn more about professional design and development best practices.

Works well with others

Why do people enjoy working with Brandon and what can they achieve together?

About this website

How was this website designed and developed?

Navigation redesign

UX research reveals many pain-points for end-users.

My Pinterest

These mood boards showcase designs and details that I like.

Project planning

Create outlines and estimates for projects.

Technical writing

Read some of my articles about technology.

Mobile app development

I do mobile app development from planning to published.

Apparel e-commerce

I built an e-commerce solution for an apparel company.

Salinger, Nabokov, and Tupac do Javascript

How would famous authors write javascript?